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Healthy doesn't mean skinny

June 26, 2021
By Ihssane SILVER, Fes, Other
Ihssane SILVER, Fes, Other
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Health is seen differently by every single person. It may be eating a salad for lunch, devouring two tubs of ice cream while watching a movie, or even going for a walk.

However, I think that health is a lifestyle that might need a lifetime to be fully achieved. I don’t restrict, I don’t DIET, I just eat.

Life is already tough, rough, and extremely confusing, so counting and tracking every single bite using my fitness pal only worsens the situation. Plus, tracking my calories at a really young age leads to undereating, hair loss, and low self-esteem.

Even though I work out six times a week, my goal is not and will never be getting THAT body because my body is mine and their bodies are theirs. Besides, moving my body gives me happiness and fulfillment. It reminds me that self-care is productive and that the best investment I can make in my entire life is taking care of myself. 

And when my pants get a little tighter, my thighs look a little bigger, and I start getting a little bit hungrier, I still think that my body is BROKEN or WRONG simply because it doesn’t look the way it used to. But when I remember that my body is the only body stuck with me for the rest of my life, I choose love instead of hate. I take it one step at a time and I slowly fall in love with myself again. I remind myself that I am enough and so should you when you feel a little down.

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