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Patriotism: A Marriage To Harmony

July 20, 2013
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As far as I can see, an ocean of gold and green stretches before me, living side by side in perfect harmony. As I walk down the sunset aisle, I see her, in all her pride and glorious freedom. She smiles and welcomes me forward, taking my hand, supporting me. My nerves dissolve, and I look deep into her eyes. I see a vast passage of time within them – times of pain and hardship, times of victory and success, and eras of fame and revolution.
Patriotism to Australia is many things. It is an embracing of the present and the past, the equal sharing of responsibility – it is tolerance and respect. Patriotism to Australia is good stewardship and an open mind. In one word, it is commitment. Patriotism is a commitment to love and to protect, to serve and to honour. It is to do your country proud. In Australia, this is simple. We can be true patriots to our country just by being proud Australians…and that is exactly what we ‘down under’ are.
There are countless things to love about Australia, from the golden beaches to the greenery of the country – from the advancing cities to the basking rural areas. We are a paradox; our nation displays the closest epitome of compromise that could ever be found. Australia is a country that is dressed in three shining principles: resiliency, tolerance and courage. And this, this morale, is why I love my country.
Australia boasts a long and bittersweet tale. Her past is filled with growth, learning, mistakes and new ideas. From the persecution of her indigenous to the apology for their mistreatment, from the inequalities among her men and women to a female prime minister, she has demonstrated resilience in times of adversity and courage to make amends when she has erred. This is the result of the patriotism of Australians. To be a true Australian patriot is to work together with others in unity, with tolerance and an appreciation for diversity. To be a patriot is to live in harmony with our country, and to act always for the greater good of her people.
I love Australia because she is an example of human coalition. Each day, she continues to show us what it means to work in harmony by her encouragement of multiculturalism, fair legislation and relations with other countries. I love Australia because she is fair and accepting. This is why I am an Australian patriot: I love my country, and I vow to serve her to the best of my ability, so that others may benefit from my efforts – and this is the goal of patriotism.
So now, standing at the head of the aisle, I give my oath: I take you, Australia, as my partner. I pledge to share my life with you, to speak the truth to you in love. I promise to honour and care for you, to cherish and encourage your fulfilment as a nation for the rest of my life.

The author's comments:
Serving your country is serving your people.

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