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Look through the glass

August 14, 2022
By Julietteeee_ ELITE, Monroe, North Carolina
Julietteeee_ ELITE, Monroe, North Carolina
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Look through the glass,
You’ll See The Real Me.
Calm, And Collected.
Happy As Can Be.
Holding My Chest,
Oh, So Silently.
Emotions Never Change,
Forever, Stayed The Same.
Look Through The Glass,
And Love Me Forever.
See Through My Flaws.
Im A Monster, With No Claws.
I have A Happy Smile,
So Stay For A While.
Look Through The Glass,
And Grab My Hand.
I’ll Never Intentionally Hurt You,
Please Understand.
Im Just A Monster,
With A Bad Mental State.
Kisses And Sorrows,
Forever Replaced.
Look Through The Glass.
I Tried So Hard.
I Changed My Face.
My Shining Star.
Please Love Me Now.
As I Screamed So Loud.
Look Through The Glass.
And See Through My Soul,
Tired And Lonely.
Time To Let You Go.
So I Lift The Glass.
Give A Kiss Goodbye
And Send You Off.
Like A Little Fly.
Look Through The Glass,
As My Face Goes Blank.
No More Fake Smiles.
No More Fake Skanks.
Forever Forgotten,
HeartBroken Deep Down.
Emotions Are Broken.
Ill Forever Frown.

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