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Losing myself

September 3, 2022
By Julietteeee_ ELITE, Monroe, North Carolina
Julietteeee_ ELITE, Monroe, North Carolina
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I don't know what's Wrong With Me.
I only try to be me.
The me that I want to be.
Not my mother's me.
Not the Father's me.
MY me.

But I don't know where she is.
She's vanished in this chaos, 
This everlasting,
Never fading Storm.

The demons taunt and tease
Scream and shout.
They don't want me to find Her.

The Her that is perfect and flawless.
The Her that is confident
And Unscarred.

But its too late to find Her.
She's been destroyed.

I have been separated and glued back
Together too many times.

That Her that I wanted to be?
That wonderful, flawless, confident Her?

She's gone.
I don't know What's Wrong.
I can't put a name to It.
But I feel lost.

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