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November 29, 2009
By Morgana PLATINUM, Sloansville, New York
Morgana PLATINUM, Sloansville, New York
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Held in chains of hypergraphia,
A magnificent desire to behold.

To look out a window–to see outside a box,
Releasing the harmfully contained imagination.
Scribing on walls, of wind-blown sand,
And typing past the sun kissed clouds,
Nature’s design in different patterns,
Combine to one, creating inspirational scenes.

Sighting upon formation, of another star
Another end,
Another Sun set in the west.
An evitable even that ignites a flame,
A burning fire of branched out thoughts.

Unlike rules of chemistry; the outcome not specified,
Not similar towards math; never a formulated answer.
For principles and laws are forever irrelevant,
When the mechanism of creativity is within ones head.

The author's comments:
Hypergraphia is the overexaggreated desire to write. I am not one who has this, but I have an obsession with writing. This poem wrote itself during one school day when I was reading an article on Creative Minds. The idea just appeared in my head and quickly placed itself into lines.

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