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February 14, 2010
By rmfinn GOLD, Hampshire, Other
rmfinn GOLD, Hampshire, Other
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Hey, there. It’s time.
Go play that card. Over Over.
Because you spin me round, mess with
my head. Off the edge again (like I
think I may possibly be drowning on
this crazy train.)

From that corner, I still remember the scratches
on the table. The glasses on the surface, I almost forgot.
I have never wanted to be cut into a million pieces
and be scattered into the wind so much.
I was the back of a crowded room, somewhere in the
sound system. I spot the emergency exit sign. Red.

From my worst nightmare,
to running out and down the alleyway.
The kids try to laugh at it; I just remember
the beacon in the distance. Like light.
I was blind at the time, with these
tinted eyes. I wish you were here.
(and not back in there)

It’s not alright to take your pick.
Like a bite on the wrist...but deadlier.
And twice as quick.

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