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Seeking Definition

March 28, 2010
By littleglassbird BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
littleglassbird BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Definition transforms gradually,from cocoons to
something far more visually pleasing with
intrepid wings and the aspiration of flight—

yet there is plenty to be said for the insular,whose
photo may not be in focus yet with lines blurred
beyond repair,edges torn and burned—

but maybe the full portrait is unnecessary,
the foreground misleading,
the beauty lying in what is missed,
fulfillment disguised by what is granted,
the illumination of the background
having existed long before the photographer
ever laid eyes on its perfect staging ground,

the destination having waited for millennia
just for you to stand there,
giving it purpose beyond all compare—

maybe definition is in the ambiguity,
damaged by light,often thrown away,
life’s meaning arriving in the misprints.

The author's comments:
Actually, this piece was inspired by frustration. I feel as if there is no one thing that defines me and that in today's society, maybe that's a bad thing. I began fearing I would never get into college or find a single interest to pursue as a career. Then I took a deep breath and wrote this poem, if only to understand that maybe there's more to the portrait of someone's life than just one talent.

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