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The End of Forever

May 29, 2010
By Jyo-jyo SILVER, Oakland, California
Jyo-jyo SILVER, Oakland, California
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I am generally insane, unless I'm temporarily suffering from sanity.

"We are inseparable,
we will remain as such

"Don't you mean forever?"

"No. I left out the last 'R'
because that's the end of forever."


I guess she never thought
the end of forever
would be five minutes later.

It's been a lifetime
since the day she left;
the day she died in my arms.

But it hasn't been a lifetime
in fact, the moment the sun goes down,
it will have been exactly two years

Two years without her
is just like
two years without water;
it's impossible to survive.

That means
I've done the impossible,
I survived two years without water.

Oh look, the sun is down.
Two years have passed.
And I need water, because my mouth is dry.

For this is my time to join her
And I must say Good-bye

The author's comments:
What inspired this poem wasn't a feeling I had. It was an emotion I saw shared between several friends. It was mourning and contemplation.

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