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The Little Lie

September 10, 2010
By real_as_can_be101 PLATINUM, Mustang, Oklahoma
real_as_can_be101 PLATINUM, Mustang, Oklahoma
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The little lie i told wasn't that big
Just enough to hurt your feelings
and only enough to make you tear up
But you didn't cry
I told you this little lie
Not big enough for me
It's only something I kept from you
That could cause you to be mad
To throw things
To possibly hate me
I told you this lie
But the more upset you get
I realize it's the truth
Because if I would have been honest
I could possibly have you
But I told you that lie
Now you're with her
And now that you know the truth
You're unhappy
And Angry
And you can barely look at me
That lie I happened to let slip
Could have made us both happy
If I only told it in truth
Now this little lie I said
This little lie I pretended to create
Oh it has to rest in peace
But the next time
I think I'll lie a little less
And not be so shy
I just wanted your love
And that is honestly not a lie

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