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All the Chances in the Universe

January 7, 2011
By Animefairy GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
Animefairy GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
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All the Chances in the Universe
The love I want is forbidden,
He’s in love with somebody else.
I was too quiet, and a little too late,
But I won’t give my heart to anybody else.

I had all the chances in the Universe,
But I chose to be silent, my choice to make,
Now I see him with someone other than me,
And he’s unaware his own true love was a mistake.

In his heart there is a puzzle piece missing.
It’s a part of him he’ll never find,
Because he’s so swayed he’s found true love.
Though I was always there, but he was too blind.

I am the one for him,
I’m his lover and his other half,
But since he’s happy, I’ll be happy,
And I’ll disappear on his behalf.

I see he’s found someone new.
So there is no need for me to stay.
He’ll forget me as time goes on,
Taking a different path, traveling his own separate way.

He’ll never realize we were meant to be,
But I hold the fact that I love him so.
I’ve been around and I have waited,
And I’m immobile to let go.

I hold three words inside me,
These words in of my will never be spoken,
But I say them in my mind,
And live with my heart broken.

Still I’ll live among him,
Years have gone by, I’ve become a stranger.
We were a couple destined to be in love,
But I can’t depart from this pain and anger.

And here I am today,
Thinking about the “could have been.”
I lost all my chances in the Universe,
But I know the “should have been.”

I live in my own fantasy,
Because I cannot change the past.
I’ve thought and hold doubt about love,
Would have our romance last?

I fallen into this world because I was mute back then,
But I still have hope that he, my lover, will never depart.
Maybe someday he’ll wake up and realize,
He can always come home to my heart.

Although second chances in the Universe don’t exist,
I can’t hold onto my whim,
It’s time to face the truth,
I’ll never be with him.

I’ve accepted that I can’t have my fated romance,
And all I can do is wish and cry,
That was that was then, and this is now,
I give up and good-bye.

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