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One Last Wish

January 27, 2011
By Dustfingers DIAMOND, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dustfingers DIAMOND, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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If I were given one last wish
It would open its arms to you, my unborn daughter
I'd wish I would live long enough to watch you grow

To cuddle your small body in my arms
To smile into your innocent brown eyes
To inhale your smell of Johnson's baby lotion

If my wish came true, I could watch
You stagger into your first steps
Reject your first can of baby squash
Giggle as you try to pronounce Mama or Dada
And sleep soundly through the night for the first time

But most importantly I'd want,
If my wish came true
To hold you after you scrape your knee riding your bike
To encourage you to step into those preschool doors
To sing the 'ABC' song along with you
To console you after you get your first facial blemish
To ease you after your first heartbreak
To host the best over nighters in the world for you
To help you with your overwhelming homework
To watch you accept your diploma
To watch you ease through college
To stress over your many first dates
To scold you for all the mistakes you will make
To welcome your almost bearable fiancé into the family
To welcome your children into the world

Without any second guesses my wish
Would be for you
To remember your mother for all her love
To carry on what I’ve given you to see
To remember me in your thoughts and prayers
And lastly to smile at the mere memory of me.

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