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Sugar and Spice

February 10, 2011
By GuardianAngel13 SILVER, Piscataway, New Jersey
GuardianAngel13 SILVER, Piscataway, New Jersey
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He is wicked and nice
He is sugar and spice
He’s hot then he’s cold noble
He is yes then he is no
He is unpredictable
Seems invincible
I always wondered
That a boy so desirable
Could be oh so cold
Without being told
Took my chances
Kissed hope goodbye and
Set out to find his heart
Then I found out he
He didn’t have one
From the start
I was looking in vain
Oh so much pain
I saw
Looking for a
Cruel cold heart
I wasted my time
On god knows what
But it became
The best memories I ever had
I learned to read
The faces that screamed
I am a d***** bag!
Now I cant help but gag
How stupid I was
To fall for a trinket
A toy that everyone had their sights on
If it never happened
I wouldn’t have been this strong
He was like the moon and
I was the tide
Was being pushed and pulled
At his might
Alas I saw through his rouse
Through time
I finally found the sight
To forget the boy
Who had once
Stolen my mind
He tested my wits
I finally tore him to bits
And banished him away
From my heart

The author's comments:
Ahh the dual nature of boys confuses me. A lot.

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