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The King of Lamoria

January 4, 2010
By kairi789 GOLD, Spanaway, Washington
kairi789 GOLD, Spanaway, Washington
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“Why did she run away from me?” Philip answered, Sir, if I may say so,” I think she ran
Away because she doesn’t want to be married to you.” He had black hair and a long nose. ‘ I gave her my country, money, and all of my love.” I don’t understand why she would want to leave.” “Has she shown any affection towards you?’ “Now that I come to think of it, No she hasn’t.” “She talked to me about her family.” “But she has never even touched me.” “So the reason she ran away is that she doesn’t love me.” “I’m afraid so sir.” “ I still need to find her.” “I swore to her father she would be under my protection.” They were in Peter’s bedroom. It was a huge room, with a king size bed, a dresser, bookshelf, a table, and a chair. Which was where he read his books.

One of his men came in and said, we have found her! “Where is she?” “She’s in Castlevania.” “How did she get there?” “We’ve been talking to the man who sold her into slavery.” “And he said, She fell down their hole and he knocked her out.” “She got sold into slavery!” “I have to rescue her now.” “Think of what everyone will be saying of me.” “Tell Captain Mark I want a ship ready by tomorrow.” “Yes sir” And without saying anything else, he walked out. It was morning now. The sun was just rising. And the birds were chirping. It was a lovely day for sailing. Peter got on the ship and thought about how Tara would react when they found her. Would she be happy to see him? Or would she be angry with him for rescuing her? The ship stopped. They got of the ship and entered the town. They walked quickly to the saloon. Peter said, “We’re looking for Tara.” “I know she’s here so don’t lie about It.” The owner replied, “She’s in the back I’ll go get her.” He came back with Tara walking beside him. “What do you want with her?” “We’re taking her back home.” “So you’re telling me she lives with you.” “Yes she’s married to me.” “Go ahead and take her then, I never wanted her anyway.” He threw her at Peter. “Let’s go home men.” He made sure she was walking by him.

She couldn’t believe she had finally gotten back. She thought she would be in that saloon forever. She loved the trees and the ocean, which surrounded the country. She walked into the sitting room. Peter was there. “Are you going to tell me why you ran away?” “I just couldn’t spend the rest of my life with you.” “Why not?” “Because I don’t love you.” “So you just ran away because you don’t love me.” Most princesses would be happy they would have a King protecting them for life.” “Well I’m not like most girls.” “That’s obvious” “I know I shouldn’t have ran away.” “But I’m getting tired of always having someone protecting me.” “I want to protect myself.” “That’s very brave of you but it would be hard protecting yourself against all of those evil men who are out there.” “You’re saying girls can’t protect themselves.” “Yes I am “ “I hate all men always thinking that their better then us.” “They might be stronger but we have muscles too.” After a minute of silence, she walked out and asked one of the servants where her room was. “It’s the second door on your left.” “Thank you” She ran to her room. She wanted to stay there all day then having to talk to Peter again. She was angry because she never got to live on her own.

“Tara may I come in?” “This is my room too.” Tara replied, “I didn’t know this was your room.” “I’ll go out and go to the kitchen then.” Peter replied, “You don’t have to.” “You can stay in my room if you want.” “I’m not going to share a room with you.” “I know you’re stubborn but this is ridiculous.” “We’re married and you don’t want to work things out.” ‘I never wanted to get married,” I wanted to leave my country and travel the world.” “But you are married now and we can’t keep ignoring each other.” “I know that but I just can’t do this.” “I’m not ready to be a wife and a mother.” ‘Then why don’t we get to know each other all over again.” “We can go to the garden tomorrow and just sit down and talk.” “I would like that but I’m not sleeping in this room.” “I’ll be sleeping in another room.” “Fine, I’ll get you a different room.” “You can sleep in the room right across from mine.” “Good night” She went to her room and went to sleep. She was thankful she didn’t have to sleep with Peter.

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