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A New Begging (chapter 4)

June 3, 2010
By AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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Alex grabbed my arm as he ran towards my window and that’s when I saw them. Creatures with skin covered in a greenish mold that covered most of their bodies, huge moles that a disgusting yellow puss was oozing out of on their backs. They wore what looked to be pelt skins on the lower half of they’re bodies. Alex opened my window and the foulest stench of what smelled like rotting pig carcasses covered in rotting fungi. They screamed with a sound so repulsive it made me draw back more then when the smell hit me. Alex pulled out what looked to be a small blue cell phone and placed it on the window sill and a green light filled and covered the entire window making what looked to be a thin screen that showed a different place far away. “Watch your head” Alex said as he pushed me through.
When I finally opened my eyes Alex was standing over me holding a wet cloth onto my forehead. “Good Morning sleepy head.” I sat up and looked around at what looked to be a bedroom of a boy in his early-mid teens except the pictures on the walls were moving. One had a picture of a boy up at bat and you could see him swing and hit the ball. The next had him graduating from elementary school. “So like my room?” Alex said as put the cloth back into a small bucket filled with water next to the bed. “Where am I? And what were those thing’s back there?” he looked at me and sighed “they were Gorlaks, they like to attack young Moon Children.” Wow, wait “Moon WHAT?” “Moon Children, I wanted to tell you in a time I could explain better but it seems you scent is really strong.” I have a scent? I mean I put some perfume on but a scent? “Okay… So what exactly IS a Moon Child?” “A Moon Child is a child born with the power of the Moon. These children were have said to appear when the Sun and Moon tribes were at war with each other for this land. With they’re belief’s they preformed rituals to gain the power’s of the Moon and Sun to win the war. When the new children were born to both tribes they both discovered the children had the powers of the Moon and Sun they also noticed the children with the power of the Moon were girls while the power of the Sin was found in boys. They settled the war when they were both attacked, they worked together and soon became the Sun and Moon tribe but as generations went on the powers only got stronger. The power gave them a scent that only they had the Moon’s scent is different from the Sun’s but they both attracted the Gorlaks from the other side of the island.” He looked at me with a look of sorrow as he told about the past. “Many were killed as the Gorlaks attacked and the tribe members still didn’t know how to fully use the powers they were given. When the oldest of the tribe who had the power called ‘The Great Ones’ focused all they’re power onto a stone to cast a barrier around the perimeter of the tribe to protect it. That stone is still used today and it still protects us. Most of the Sun and Moon children live and learn as children how to use they’re power’s but we soon discovered we could travel to Earth to protect the children from the Gorlaks, but they soon learned how to travel through the same portal’s we did. Lucky for human’s they can’t see them but they do threaten us.” Now I’m totally confused this isn’t Earth? Gorlaks can travel through portal’s like us? How am I a Moon child? “So how am I a Moon child?” “Well here the Moon children are paired with the Sun Children and they are Married when they reach the age of 18. Your Mother and Father are Moon and Sun children.” “Wow, Wow, Wow, hold it there one minute I have to Marry at 18 to someone I don’t even know? And Since when where my parents these kind of people.” “Well they were born these people and you do know who your partner is.” “Who?” Alex smiled a cocky grin as he said “Me.”

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chapter 4 I hope you like it <3

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on Jul. 7 2011 at 6:14 pm
I Love this story! Please keep writing! have you made more of this story yet if do plz tell!