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Our Summer- Chapter 30- Perfectly Fine

March 17, 2011
By Drama_Queen13 DIAMOND, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Drama_Queen13 DIAMOND, Nantucket, Massachusetts
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“Thank you for talking with us, Dr. Sicanico. We’re very worried about Summer.”
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson looked worried and tense as they sat clutching each other’s hands in support.
“Yes, well she wasn’t exactly physically involved in the fight, although it seems she played some part in it-“
“I’d hardly consider the victim to be “playing a part” in a fight.” Mrs. Johnson interrupted.
“Mrs. Johnson, I realize every parent wants to think the best of their child but-“
“My daughter was ATTACKED in the hallway, I’m concerned for her safety!” Mr. Johnson was visibly angry now.
“Please; Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, we’re doing all we can. Everyone who was physically involved in the fight was punished, and most of the kids agreed it was just a disagreement.”
“Summer’s friend, LuLu, was defending Summer in the fight. I understand you punished her for being physical, but you clearly didn’t ask HER what happened. Summer won’t tell us anything. We finally got LuLu’s mom to tell us that some of the kids are angry with Summer and have been tormenting her. What are you going to do to stop it?” Mr. Johnson asked desperately.
“As I said, the kids received detention. As for this “tormenting”, we are aware that some kids are upset over the break-up between Summer and another boy and we have handled it each time we have noticed. It’s nothing serious though.”
“Summer won’t eat, she doesn’t sleep, she wears black all the time, and she just cut her hair off recently. If these kids are the reason behind that, then I want to see action!” Mrs. Johnson demanded.
“I can assure you; if the bullying has gotten serious enough for her to be that upset, we would have noticed. Perhaps she’s upset over the break-up or she could simply be going through a stage. Kids at her age experiment with wearing black or rebelling by cutting her hair off. However; if you are still concerned, I’d suggest that you tell Summer to see one of the counselors her or even a therapist.”
“You’re sure it’s just a phase?” Mr. Johnson asked hopefully.
“We’ll keep an eye out for any harassment, as usual. But I can guarantee that she’s just going through a stage. Summer Johnson is perfectly fine.”

The author's comments:
Yeah; it's a short chapter but I felt it necessary to include the adults slightly (you'll understand why by the end). Enjoy!

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