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Chapter One: Muffin Morning

September 16, 2011
By wordweaver96 PLATINUM, Winchester, Kentucky
wordweaver96 PLATINUM, Winchester, Kentucky
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The pitter patter of raindrops fell as an almost silent backdrop. It was the kind of rain that trapped you inside, vowing revenge on all who stepped outside. Trees swayed infrequently with the unsteady force of the winds. Nature-goers cursed this weather, but I reveled in it.
I scooted back in my chair with a softly thudding scrape, and made my way to the counter – to find a bunch of ripe bananas, an apple, and half of a bread loaf. The lack of something warm and yummy – yet still healthy- appalled me. I grabbed two bananas in a decisive swipe. As soon as I’d gathered the rest of the food furnishings, I began the banana-nut muffin recipe I knew by heart.

Footsteps further down the hallway began approaching, as I stood stirring the muffin mix. All the while, I was humming Heaven Is A Place On Earth, and tapping the accompanying rhythm. I shifted the bowl to the other side, and continued my hand-mixing escapade.
Finally, a person joined the footsteps. David appeared in the entrance way to the kitchen. His eyebrows lurched upwards.
I nodded and smiled, nonetheless, continuing the song. David swept over to me, and, grinning, lifted the bowl from my hands. Fake horror struck my face.
“Oh, oh, no!!!!! No – David!” I squealed, and screamed. He’d caught me in one step. Now, he was succeeding in tickling me, planting kisses one me all the while. He carried me into the living room, and laid me down on the carpet. Giggling, I pretended to fight back as he wrestled me down. I felt silly and girlish, and my shrieks seemed to contradict the weather.
“If you want breakfast, you better let go of me!” I took advantage of my sudden freedom and sprinted back to the muffin mix.
I had just begun stirring, when the phone rang. Holding it between my ear and my shoulder, I answered the call.
The bowl fell to the floor with a loud, clattering thud.
“What? No….”

The author's comments:
I'm hoping to continue this piece, especially if I get positive reader feedback. Please tell me what you think!

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